Cast & Crew

Cathy Washburn - Helen Bonfils


Cathy Washburn is an award-winning stage and film actor. She is the lead in The Bonfils Girl, an award-winning play that chronicles the life story of Helen Bonfils. Bonfils was the first woman producer on Broadway and the first female publisher of a major daily newspaper. 

Mike Broemmel - Playwright


Critically-acclaimed playwright Mike Broemmel is the primary author of The Bonfils Girl. A resident of Denver, Colorado, Broemmel's other theatrical credits include: The Hours of Anne, Stand Still & Look Stupid, Taking Tea with the Ripper, Goddess People, The Row, and The Lady of Ludlow.

Sybll Romley - Producer


Sybll Romley is an accomplished Executive with a well-rounded business basckground currently serving on the Board of Directors for Theatrix USA. She has produced several shows for Act One Productions and Theatrix USA including: Taking Tea with the Ripper, The Bonfils Girl, Stand Still & Look Stupid and Kiss.

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